Hey! You have heard of the upcoming event called “Schall & Rauch” and cannot wait to get more information but the website is not suitable for non-German speakers? We explain the entire thing in English here. For further questions you can always message us (see contact details below)!


“Schall & Rauch” („Sound and Smoke“) is a festival of music and arts made by and made for the scouts community. The staff consists of BdP and DPV members, two big un-/interdenominational and non-political scout associations in Germany. Find your taste of music among various bands, solo musicians and DJs, find friends, dance, rave! Theatre, writing workshops or magic shows are part of the broad program as well. Everything and everyone breathes the spirit of the “bündisch” scout movement: We act responsibly towards nature, people and ourselves. Means: no littering, no hard drugs, no violence. This festival is more than a mere consumable but an integrative, cooperative and active event. It is rather “being part” than “taking part”. Trust in each participant is a strong value among our movement which makes “Schall & Rauch” a safe and yet wild happening!


  • Location: Immenhausen (Hessen, Germany)
  • Date: 2019, June 27th – July 1st
  • Ticket Price: 80€


You can register yourself or your group here when you are BdP or DPV member and above 16 years old. If you are non-member, you can get registered by a friend who is. Minimum age is 14 – your documents will be checked.


You want to contribute to the event? Great! You are good at setting technique, PR, organizing, cooking, first-aid, photography, film or anything else you want to share? Contact us and we will get back to you!